Traditional Photography

Nowadays, people are more concerned about getting their wedding photography service more in a cinematic way or in other words they prefer a photography service provider who offers the best candid photography services alone. But it is essential to realize that documentation of all the moments of a life event is equally important to Candid Photography.

So, how do we make this possible?

We streamline creative and skillful candid photographers to capture realistic photos while having our mainstream photographers focusing on all your important moments.

We at Marison Photography, are one of the most professional wedding photography in madurai. We make sure you get the best out the expert madurai photographers with ease.

Candid Photography

Making your wedding look cinematic is no more a demanding process. We capture realistic photographs of your life moments by engaging experienced professionals along with high-end equipment. We engage update-to-date full frame cameras with high dynamic range.

One of the most significant parts of a Candid Wedding Photography is the Pre-wedding and Post wedding shoot, we stick to the creative part in this and arrange shoots at different destinations.

Moreover, we engage most talented pool of post production artists and graphics designers to present the most creative and seamless rendition of photobooks and giveaways.

Traditional Videography

Alike photography, Traditional Videography is also an integral part of a capturing life moment as every moment is precious and must be documented for lifetime. Unlike Candid Videographers, Traditional Videographers concentrate to capture every detail of an occasion.

Some special aspects would be on the field Live Video Mixing, LED Walls, Live Streaming and so on.

We constantly try to capture the happening in a wide scope and record them, so that you can re-live that moment every time while watching your wedding video.

Wedding Cinema

We capture emotions! Let your wedding video be something more than just a normal one.
Experience 4K Video Quality with high speed cinema cameras.

We offer unmatchable ultra high definition video so that you see things with the utmost detail and high frame rate clips for Super Slow Motion Videos. Breath-taking Aerial Video shots with Helicam, and Indoor and Outdoor Video shots with Jib Cranes rigs added value.

This Candid Videography Package will include an extensive Wedding Cinema along with a Wedding Highlights Video or in other words called as a Wedding Teaser.

Children Photography

The most valuable part of our life is Children. From capturing the different stages of growth of a new born baby photography, christening of the child or baptism photography, birthday parties, casual portraits, to special occasions such as puberty functions, we offer an extensive set of photography services at flexible margins.

We also arrange candid photo sessions for Children and we help you to print contemporary Photo Frames, Photo Mugs and so on.

Family Functions

While the rest specific about wedding photography, we are pioneers in serving almost all kinds of family functions. May it be House Warming Ceremonies, Maternity Photography, Family Meetings, Group Photo, Elderly People or anything, we offer the right kind of traditional and candid photography services to you, understanding your requirements and putting appropriate things together.

Event Photography

Apart from other conventional services, we also provide Event Photography Services from various Corporate Conferences & Exhibitions, Schools, Colleges and other events. Videography Services is also being provided in a similar way.

Product Photography

We help local brands and small businesses in showcasing their products with Product Photography Services in Madurai to attract their customers with the finest photographs of their product and show yourself prominent among their competitors.

AD Film Production

Create an advertisement for your business, school or college with the most professional cinematographers in madurai. Extend your visibility and spread the word about your brand among your target customers at the most economic margins.

Other Services

We also provide:

  • ID Cards
  • Flex Designing & Printing
  • Banners & Standees
  • Brochures, Flyers, and Pamphlets
  • Logo Designing and Branding